• Clare Collins

The Monkey Pose – Hanamanasana

I love a great story and in yoga each pose comes with its own story and life lesson, over the next few months I will give be giving you the story of some of my favourite poses with the help of the book Myths of the Asanas by Alanna Kaivalya and Arjuna van der Kooij an excellent and insightful read and present for anyone interested in learning more.

King Ram and Hanuman were best friends. The two were as close as peas in a pod. Ram had a wife named Sita. An evil demon called Ravana grew jealous of King Ram and Sita. The evil demon Ravana kidnapped Sita.

King Ram sent Hanuman to rescue her. Hanumans love for King Ram helped him overcome his own douts about his own abilities.

To get to Sita he had to cross a vast ocean toward the island of Lanka. He closed his eyes and summoned all of his energy, he pressed his feet firmly onto the ground. The force caused a shock wave to ripple, flattening trees and hills. He was propelled into the air. As he flew one foot reached forward and one foot reached back. He landed and searched for Sita finding her in Ravana’s garden. Sita was saved and balance and peace restored to the land.

Hanuman is said to embody all the qualities of a yogi faith, fearlessness and complete devotion. He teaches us that love overrides all doubts and fears.

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